Tennis String Solinco Tour Bite 16L Gauge/1.25mm- Power Spin

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Solinco Tour Bite is a firm co-polyester designed for advanced players who demand the ultimate in control, durability and spin. Boasting a square profile with sharp edges, it is ideal for aggressive topspin players who like to rip the felt off the ball. This explains why Tour Bite has a growing following at the collegiate level, and it also explains why our testers raved about the spin. Like many poly based strings, Tour Bite puts the onus of power squarely on the player - a fact that gave some of our testers the ability to swing bigger and execute more aggressive shots, while leaving others wanting a little more juice. Our team had mixed opinions on comfort, which is understandable given Tour Bite's firm feel. Like many polys and co-polys, the charms of Tour Bite are not likely to work as well on those with lighter frames and slower strokes. However, with the right combination of stroke speed and technique, this string can deliver the perfect combination of spin and control.