Wilson PROSTAFF 97L COUNTERVAIL 290G GRIP #2 4 1/4 White Customized Edition

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To celebrate Roger Federer’s incredible achievements after winning his 8th Wimbledon and 19th Grand Slam, Wilson has created an exclusive Historic Limited Edition Pro Staff RF97 Autograph racquet. Only eight of these commemorative racquets have been made -- each one is individually numbered (1 through 8) and authenticated. They were signed by Roger following his Wimbledon Championship win in 2017! 

* This limited edition design features a pure white matte velvet paint with a gloss finish on the inside of the racquet hoop and throat
* Details of Roger's accomplishments highlighted in purple and green
* Specially designed “8” logo which is an image of Roger Federer’s face
* Years Roger has won his 8 Wimbledon Titles are listed
* This listed item is engineered by a professional racket engineer by re-painting the ProStaff 97L V11/V12 with the limited edition design. It's NOT one of the original 8 pcs. But the design is exactly the same and the inner core is original ProStaff 97L V11/V12 to let collector fans have the original feel and limited edition design at an affordable price.
*For your reference, here as follows is the eBay link of No.6 of the original released 8 in at $250,000 https://www.ebay.com/itm/112539256719