Teloon Coaching Training Tennis Balls (48 pcs) Stage 2 Orange

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Teloon tennis is the official tennis ball for ATP500 China Open and the No.1 tennis ball supplier in China mainland.

Stage 1 (Green) is for kids 11 years old and up

The players on this level take advantage of the full tennis court and net height, but the green stage balls have about 75% of the pressure of a standard tennis ball – giving it a slightly slower speed and bounce.  The recommended racquet size for this level is 25″ – 27″.

Stage 2 (Orange)

For the kids 9-10 years old, Stage Orange is better suited.  While still smaller than a tennis court, the 60′ x 21′ court provides a sufficient area to continue building skills and fundamentals.  Again, it is a good idea to clearly mark the boundaries of this smaller court.  The orange stage balls have about 50% of the pressure of a standard tennis ball – giving it about half the speed and bounce.  The net height for this level is that of a standard tennis net (3′ at center, 3′ 6″ at posts), and the recommended racquet size is 23″ – 25″.

Stage 3 (Red) is for kids 8 years old or younger

Stage Red is for children 8 years old or younger, and is played on a reduced court size of 36′ x 18′.  Oftentimes, these smaller courts are cordoned off using rubber lines (or lines and corners) in order to clearly mark the boundaries.  This is the only stage in which there are two kinds of balls – red felt and red foam balls.  The foam balls are a little larger, which can be especially helpful for the youngest players.  These balls are the slowest moving and lowest bouncing balls available, perfect for beginners just starting out.  The net height is 2′ 9″ at the center, and the recommended racquet size is up to 23″.  It is easier for the kids to start building fundamentals with equipment and courts that are sized just for them.