Teloon Tour Pound Black Red Can 4in1 WZT82004

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  • TOUR POUND: Classic POUND with UK Playne's Woven Felt in 4 Balls/Tube

  • Classic POUND: Singapore Tennis Association (STA) Official Ball 2018-2023

  • Classic POUND: Match Balls for Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Group III Singapore 2019

  • Classic POUND: Official Ball for ITF World Tennis Tour 

  • Classic POUND: Official Ball for ITF World Tennis Tour Junior Championships

  • Classic POUND: Official Ball for National Tournaments organized by STA

  • Tournament Class Premium Balls

  • Type: Pressurized Ball

  • Approval: International Tennis Federation (ITF) & Tennis Australia Approved

  • Description: Improved Rubber Core; Extra Duty; High Visibility; UK Playne's Woven Felt

  • Wool Content: 60%

  • Packing: 96 balls (24 tubes x 4 balls/tube) with ITF, Tennis Australia and STA Logo

  • Suitable for all courts