Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V8.0 305g Grip #2 Green/Black WR078711U2

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Introducing the Blade 98 16x19 v8! For this version Wilson adds some speed and stability while keeping the sublime feel and spin-friendly targeting of the previous generation. At 11.3 strung and boasting a speedy sub 320-RDC swingweight, this racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced players, especially if they crave maneuverability. This stick also packs a buttery 61-RA stiffness, giving it outstanding ball feedback. For 2021 Wilson keeps the revolutionary layup technology that was originally used in the Blade v7 under the name FeelFlex. It’s now called FortyFive and, in addition to increasing stability, it helps the racquet bend in ways that compliment the modern game. For this update, Wilson also introduces Direct Connect Technology which fuses the butt cap directly to the carbon fiber portion of the handle for added stability. Additional updates include Wilson’s new Chameleon Paint which activates subtle color changes under different angles and light conditions.  Experienced players looking for speed, spin, precision and feel should love this one.

Swingweight lowered from 320 to 317 on 10.13.21 based on additional samples measured.